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November 2005 Updates

Choking Game Info
J'aimerai toujours et ā jamais mon fils GABRIEL
Schools and Police Who Are Informing
Physicians Perspectives on the Choking Game
U.S.A. and Canada Working to Stop The Choking Game!
Letter Written by Officer Scott Metheny
FRANCE: Association of Parents of Young Victims of Strangulation
Choking Game 'CINE Golden Eagle Award'
Faces of Victims: What if it was your child?
Victim Stats / Children
DoD: Department of Defense 'Safe Schools Handbook'
Homework Hotline : Parents Beware the Choking Game
Dr. Phil Show 'Deadly Teen Trends'
Deadly Game 'Geraldo at Large'
CNN: Mother missed signs of 'The Choking Game'
"Choking Game" Claims Life of One Californian Teenager
My Son
Guest Book For Gabriel Harry Mordecai
Catholic News and Views
The day this game killed my son
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October Update: OLD GAME
How many more kids will die before this becomes a priority concern?
Strangulation in children and preadolescents usually results from unsafe play!
Deadly Game
Links to news articles 'The Choking Game' TCG
Links Page 2
Injury Prevention 'IP' Online: Injuries among children and adolescents are often the result of thril
What Montana Says..
Dangerous Behavior Audio Guests: Elizabeth McCauley, Ph.D, Sue Eastgard,James J. Mazza, Ph.D.
Group E Mail for those of US who have lost a loved one to The Choking Game
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Current Happenings......

Slideshow The Choking Game  (Oprah November 2005)
A terrifying trend is sweeping the nation. Learn about a "game" that's killing kids…before it's too late.

(Michele Mansfield, Nick Serna's Mom )
November 28, 2005

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  Deadly Game
Kids are dying to get high, but in the “choking game” there are no winners.
CBS 5: Special Report: The Choking Game
Special Reports. clock Nov 4, 2005 7:27 am US/Pacific ... Sarah Pacatte is Sam
and Gabe s mother. She continues to mourn for her son, and she is not alone ...
(Vol_1 Issue_7-November, 2005) ... Deaths have been caused by this form of recreational choking. Once the child begins to lose consciousness, releasing the
Students Warned of Choking Game. ... November 17, 2005 - Upper Moreland police officer Scott Metheny detailed how youngsters, many just 11 or 12 years old,
Choking Game Concerns Ferndale School Officials. Police Issue Warning To Parents. POSTED: 2:15 pm EST November 11, 2005 ...
New York City - National News
November 18, 2005. "Mommy! … MOMMY!" The cry had the kind of blood-curdling edge that tells a mother ... "A game? Where children choke themselves?" ...
November 2005. GUIDANCE NEWS. FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION NIGHT ... The choking game which is also known as the fainting game, knockout, flatliner,
... totally shocked," Sepasi said. "A game? Where children choke themselves
Tuesday November 15,2005 ... The Choking Game, as it has come to be called, is a game children play by compressing a friend’s chest or squeezing their neck
Dennis  and Tricia Patton, parents of Jeffery Patton who died as a result of 'the choking' game were asked and agreed to record a couple of segments for the Oprah Winfrey Show with their son Jeffrey’s best friend Mike Funk and Mike’s younger brother Greg Funk. The segments were taped in Chicago on September 23rd and they just learned that these segments will air on the “Oprah Show” this Friday, November 18th on WEWS, Channel 5, out of Cleveland at 4:00 pm EST. A couple of other stories will also be included on this show that deal with teens and their story will deal with the “Choking Game” that cost their son’s his life.
I know this show will reach millions..  I am so glad this is making it to a BIG audience and I am so proud of Dennis, Tricia, Mike and Greg for being able to do this show that will educate so many so soon after Jeffrey’s passing. God Bless You!!  Michele Mansfield  "quoted"..
On November 4, 2005 MaryJane Toms was notified by the Medical Examiner of the county where her daughter Jennifer died as a result of playing the 'choking game'  that she was going to petition the courts to over rule / change the 'cause of death'  on Jennifers death certificate from 'suicide to ACCIDENTAL!'  That is incredible news... the more families that come 'out' who have always questioned the way their child died.. IE... 'suicide' the more resources will be made available for the education and awareness of this killer.
Glenda, godmother and aunt to Shawntae Chavez who lost her life almost three months ago as a result of playing this 'game' shared some awesome news as well. Shawntae's death was ruled a 'suicide' and since then her family has been submitting information and media / medical  coverage on this 'game' to the Medical Examiner and have also had several meetings, to no avail with them. Recently, the family of Shawntae was notified that they were going to re open Shawntae's case and do a little more in depth investigation! Thanks be to God!
and Thank you God.. for holding our children.....close to you...

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