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Schools and Police Who Are Informing
Physicians Perspectives on the Choking Game
U.S.A. and Canada Working to Stop The Choking Game!
Letter Written by Officer Scott Metheny
FRANCE: Association of Parents of Young Victims of Strangulation
Choking Game 'CINE Golden Eagle Award'
Faces of Victims: What if it was your child?
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"Choking Game" Claims Life of One Californian Teenager
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Links to news articles 'The Choking Game' TCG
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Injury Prevention 'IP' Online: Injuries among children and adolescents are often the result of thril
What Montana Says..
Dangerous Behavior Audio Guests: Elizabeth McCauley, Ph.D, Sue Eastgard,James J. Mazza, Ph.D.
Group E Mail for those of US who have lost a loved one to The Choking Game
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Boy dies playing choking game Ft. Washington Montgomery Newspapers - Fort Washington,PA,USA Mitchell Walsh died from strangulation, as a result of playing the "choking game" during the overnight hours of Dec. 9, Horsham police said. ...

'Choking game' poses threat Kentucky Post - Covington,KY,USA It's called the choking game, and proof that kids locally are involved in the deadly high-inducing activity came recently at Ockerman Middle School in Florence ...

Parents Told Of "Choking Game" WCPO - Cincinnati,OH,USA It's called the "choking game," "fainting game," "murphing" and even "space monkey.". ... An investigation revealed the bathroom activity was the choking game. ...

Dangerous choking game played at Bay of Plenty school - Wellington,New Zealand A choking game that has killed children in the United States has found its way to the Eastern Bay of Plenty. There have been reports ...

Teen 'choking game' has deadly results Journal Times Online - Racine,WI,USA ... The police officer, a woman, came in and looked at her and told us, âThis looks like the choking game,' " Sepasi recalled of the night Sasha died. ...

Mother Suspects 'Choking Game' Cause Of Son's Death Once Again, Investigators Rule Childs Death Suicide THE CORONER NEVER INTERVIEWED THID BOY'S FAMILY!! NO EVIDENCE OF SUICIDE, NO PRE WARNINGS, NOTHING!

Web Extra: "The Choking Game" Unedited Interview News Video September 26, 2005 & WOOD TV8 - Grand Rapids news and weather - Parents speak out after losing son

Teens Playing Suffocation Roulette With Choking Game (Thomas)

Many Kids Are Playing The Choking Game News Video September 26, 2005

Letters to the Editor
Posted by on Aug 14, 2005, 20:28
Letters to Editor...

"Choking Game" Claims Life of One Californian Teenager
Posted by Paul M. Warner on Aug 7, 2005, 23:36
It may seem from recent national news headlines, self-asphyxiation might be a growing fad among kids. In fact, its more common and been around a lot longer than many think.

School district knew of 'passing out' game, family friend says  (CHELSEA)
Memorial Page)   (injury prevention online, Gabriel)
[  (Blog)  (or)  (Jeremy's Mom) 
 Eton boy's fatal strangling game:
Hyperventilation - A Deadly Game
Asphyxiation is no way to get a thrill, teens are told [
SAYS SHE WAS RESPONSIBLE, TOO «Read the Full Article, Sign up today» Denver Rocky Mountain News; 5/14/1997; Michael O'Keeffe; Rocky Mountain News Staff Writer
'Fainting game' warnings follow injuries, deaths [
Ashley Tucker(survived/brain damage)
AID=/20041205/NEWS01/412050310/1079/NEWS01 (school on video tape..denials..survived) > School kids told to make passing out 
javascript:playVideo('414547', 'Choking game', 'v', 'News', '320033', 'News', 'fvCatNo=&backgroundImageURL=', ''); (hard to find this one, Oregon I think..)
Toledo News  
Thursday, December 9, 2004
Toledo Police investigating injury at STC Middle School
Police chief cautions parents
Toledo Police Chief Jeff Harnish is advising parents of school students to be aware of the “Fainting Game” or “Flat-lining” in which young people apparently are choked until unconscious.. Harnish urged parents to warn their children of the dangers of such activity. Warning signs are unusual marks on the neck and frequent headaches, police said.
By John Speer
From the Department of Pediatrics, Dana Children's Hospital, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Affiliated to Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel.
Received for publication July 24, 2002.
Revision received August 26, 2002.
“Suffocation roulette”: A case of recurrent syncope in an adolescent boy
 We present the case of a 12-year-old boy admitted with a complaint of recurrent syncopal episodes. A careful history taking revealed the cause of the syncopal episodes to be a dangerous game played by adolescents called “suffocation roulette.” We believe that recognition of this game as a possible cause of syncopal events, together with prompt educative intervention, might prevent adolescent morbidity and mortality and also might eliminate the need for unnecessary medical investigations. [Ann Emerg Med. 2003;41:223–226.]
 Accidental death usually results when the safety mechanism designed to alleviate neck compression fails.
 We believe that this dangerous game should be brought to the attention of parents, physicians, educators, and social service personnel. Recognition of this game as a possible cause of syncopal events, together with prompt educative intervention, might prevent adolescent morbidity and
mortality and might also eliminate the need for unnecessary medical investigations.


Deadly game among children and adolescents
To the Editor:
In the February 2003 issue of Annals, Shlamovitz et al1 (article #49) are to be lauded on their description of a dangerous game of self-inflicted suffocation among adolescents. A case report on a syncopal event in a teenager revealed a hazardous game called “suffocation roulette,” a finding that demonstrates the potential gravity of the problem. Still, it should be made clear that such tragic stories are not unheard of in the emergency medicine literature and are more common than hitherto appreciated. Notably, mortality resulting from the “game” has been reported, further attesting to the importance for parents and emergency physicians to recognize it.
Awareness of the game of producing a temporary state of asphyxia (for other than erotic purpose) dates back to the observation of Eskimo children by anthropologists decades ago.2 Clearly, such “games” are not as innocent as the name might imply. A case of reckless assault had even been filed against a teenager in the act of playing in a game of “pass out” on a school playground.3 A recent nationwide survey of coroner's reports identified 4 deaths and 1 near-death resulting from self-strangulation. Two of these cases were attributed to a “choking/blackout game” being played at school by previously healthy boys.4 It was alleged that the game provided a dizzy sensation (resulting from the impending loss of consciousness), which was described as “cool.” The pleasure derived from such thrill-seeking behavior has been putatively linked with an altered consciousness level from constricting cerebral venous and arterial blood flow, accompanied by elevated carbon dioxide tension.
With the evolving acknowledgment of this potentially fatal game, we must question how many cases of “accidental or suicidal death” might have been ascribed to the “choking game.” The need for increased awareness is clear. Physicians, particularly those in emergency departments, should learn more about such apparently “childish” games, just as they would for other teenager risk behaviors (such as substance abuse).
Kai Ming Chow, MD
Department of Medicine and Therapeutics
Prince of Wales Hospital
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, Hong Kong, SAR, China

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