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Deadly Game: Michele Mansfield Warns Kids

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Sarah's Notes

Nicholas Andrea's Serna died on January 29, 2005 as a result of playing the 'Choking Game'. Nicks Mom Michele has a website with information on educating and warning about the danger of this deadly 'game' that's killing our kids! 

December 29, 2005

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 Deadly Game
One woman's crusade to educate children about what could happen if they don't take her lesson to heart.
'Gasp' game can turn deadly for youths
Educators warn children about choking technique that causes 'high'

FLORENCE - It's called gasp, space monkey, pass out and the choking game.

Sixteen-year-old Nick Serna died Jan. 29 playing it at his home in Phoenix.
Phoenix resident Michele Mansfield's son, Nick Serna, 16, died playing a choking game by himself.
Phoenix resident Michele Mansfield's son, Nick Serna, 16, died playing a choking game by himself.


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