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May 2006 Updates

Choking Game Info
J'aimerai toujours et Ó jamais mon fils GABRIEL
Schools and Police Who Are Informing
Physicians Perspectives on the Choking Game
U.S.A. and Canada Working to Stop The Choking Game!
Letter Written by Officer Scott Metheny
FRANCE: Association of Parents of Young Victims of Strangulation
Choking Game 'CINE Golden Eagle Award'
Faces of Victims: What if it was your child?
Victim Stats / Children
DoD: Department of Defense 'Safe Schools Handbook'
Homework Hotline : Parents Beware the Choking Game
Dr. Phil Show 'Deadly Teen Trends'
Deadly Game 'Geraldo at Large'
CNN: Mother missed signs of 'The Choking Game'
"Choking Game" Claims Life of One Californian Teenager
My Son
Guest Book For Gabriel Harry Mordecai
Catholic News and Views
The day this game killed my son
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How many more kids will die before this becomes a priority concern?
Strangulation in children and preadolescents usually results from unsafe play!
Deadly Game
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Injury Prevention 'IP' Online: Injuries among children and adolescents are often the result of thril
What Montana Says..
Dangerous Behavior Audio Guests: Elizabeth McCauley, Ph.D, Sue Eastgard,James J. Mazza, Ph.D.
Group E Mail for those of US who have lost a loved one to The Choking Game
Sarah's Notes

May 2006 Updates

May 6, 2006 marked our first year without Gabriel. Since Gabriel's death, nearly 100 more have died as a result of 'The Choking Game'. Please help US to get this deadly, thrill seeking behavior recognized. It is crucial that schools start including this in curriculum. Please contact your school officials, ask them if they are informing parents and students of this 'game'. If they are not, or if they are not planning on educating and warning about this wicked game, ask them WHY? Every parent I have been in contact with who has lost a child as a result of TCG, have said "I wish I would have known about this". You can make a differenc, we all can!

Kidology Network Forum: Self-asphyxiation/"The Choking Game"

Posted: 04 May 2006 at 5:56pm | IP Logged, Quote James Buchanan ... Here's the Wikipedia entry on this subject: Choking Game ... -

The Seattle Times: Local News: Were boys playing choking game when ...

Thursday, May 18, 2006 - Page updated at 12:00 AM

Were boys playing choking game when they died? The Seattle Times ^ | Thursday, May 18, 2006 | Jennifer Sullivan. Posted on 05/18/2006 7:27:39 AM PDT by ...

The Choking Game - It Can be Deadly - The Houseparent Network Forum

The Choking game is as deadly as it sounds. There are so many children dying from this horrible ... Lo-Fi Version, Time is now: 19th May 2006 - 01:54 AM ...

Welcome to The Guidance Channel!

Tuesday May 16,2006 ... The Choking Game, as it has come to be called, is a game children play by compressing a friendÔ€™s chest or squeezing their neck to ... - Health - Teens Talk Openly About Choking Game

Teens Talk Openly About Choking Game. Many Local Teens Getting High By Choking Themselves, Friends. POSTED: 5:11 pm EDT May 18, 2006 ...

Corpus Christi, TX - KRISTV.COM - Choking game has one school ...

You may not hear your kids calling this the choking game; because there are a few other names this game goes by: Blackout, the fainting game or even space ... - Choking Game

Choking Game. May 15, 2006 2:29 pm. WCCO Choking Game. This is a game I knew very little about until I started researching the topic for the story about ...

Pulse24 - Toronto's News

Friday, May 19, 2006 ... The so-called Choking Game involves young people trying to asphyxiate themselves with the apparent goal of achieving a drug-like ... -

Main Line Life - There's no winning with choking game

Wednesday 17 May, 2006. Home > News > News > Top Stories ... There's no winning with choking game. By: Noelle Via. 05/11/2006 ...

New Zealand news on Dangerous choking game played at ...

Wednesday, 17 May 2006 ... A choking game that has killed children in the United States has found its way to the Eastern Bay of Plenty. ...,2106,3498953a11,00.html

Choking Game -

Thumbs down a game that kills many children....the choking game ... Current Time: 15 May 2006 07:04 PM. 1147745087.9258.,t452

Urban Onramps ╗ 2006 ╗ May

Apparently Mathew Thomson was playing “the choking game” and accidentally hung himself to death ... MAY 17-20: 2006 Urban Youth Workers Institute, Azusa, CA ... - 25k - May 19, 2006

[PDF] Principal’s Newsletter April/May 2006

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your information in writing or email before May. 19, 2006. ... The choking game achieves. a brief high or euphoric state by stopping the ...'s%20Newsletter%20April%20May%2005%2006.pdf

WCCO-TV - Minnesota's Breaking News, Video, Weather, Traffic and ...

Wed, 17 May 2006 00:07:32 -0500 5 ... as many as 250 to 1000 young people die in the United States each year playing some variant of the choking game. ...

BREITBART.COM - W.Va. Student Dies Playing 'Choking Game' - Apr 12

Lofstead said Hansen's death was the first "choking game" death recorded at the university. ... Copyright 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. ... - 18k - May 20, 2006

The Colebrook School District Web Site

The Colebrook Elementary Hot Lunch menu for May 25th has changed. Breaded Chicken will be served ... The Choking "Game" - by MrBrooks 09/03/2006 @ 09:55 AM ...

Rye Reflections: Police proactive on internet dangers, choking game

THE CHOKING GAME What is it? The game is played when one child compresses another child’s chest or squeezes their ... Emergencies: 911 or 964-5521 May, 2006 ...

komo news | Auburn Student Warns Of 'Choking Game' Dangers

Auburn Student Warns Of 'Choking Game' Dangers May 11, 2006 ... AUBURN - An Auburn student was badly injured playing "the choking game" -- a dangerous game ...

CBC Nova Scotia - Choking game went too far, mom says

Choking game went too far, mom says. Last updated May 19 2006 05:27 PM ADT CBC News. A woman in Sydney says her 13-year-old son is lucky to be alive after ... - 22k - May 20, 2006 - Family - Teens Talk About Choking Game

Teens Talk About Choking Game. People Get High By Choking Themselves, Friends. UPDATED: 11:43 am EDT May 19, 2006. PITTSBURGH -- Many teens are trying to ... - 75k - May 19, 2006

Boise Weekly - Not Your Everyday Newspaper: Rec: Game of the Week ...

The Choking Game (also known as the Pass-Out Game, the Fainting Game, the Tingling Game ... [May 10, 2006]. Candy Cities What kind of candy is your city? ...

News & Views - NEWS & VIEWS - MAY 2006

CHOKING GAME DEATHS (April 2, 2006) The Washington Post reported medical ... (This article may not be reproduced without written approval of the publisher. ...

High school declines to publish report of choking game victim from ...

I am also the parent of a child who thought playing the choking game was a safe idea. ... Sebelius questions Bush use of Guard troops (Mon., May 15, 2006) ...

KATU 2 - Portland, Oregon

May 11, 2006. Middle school student warns of 'choking game' dangers ... AUBURN - An Auburn student was badly injured playing "the choking game" - a ... - 34k - May 20, 2006

A dangerous game exposed

Thursday, May 11, 2006 ... Teens are participating in the choking game at many places and in various ways. The game, which was once known only as a group ...

Reporter - Out of breath

The choking game‚ pass out‚ space monkey‚ flatliner or American dream. ... Sunday 14 May, 2006. Home > News > News > Top Stories ...

National PTA Bulletin Boards :: View topic - the choking game

The choking game is something that can be avoided as long as the community is ... Post Posted: Mon May 15, 2006 7:05 pm GMT Standard Time Post subject: Re: ... - 39k - May 20, 2006

May 16, 2006 ... It's known by different names like: the choking game, the pass-out game and suffocation roulette. "It's where kids hold each other or choke ...

The Choking Game Family articles on, FL - May 8, 2006 ... the choking game so neither parents nor children remain in the dark, and so that other families will not experience the ... -

'The Choking Game'

Randall Pinkston reports on "The Choking Game." A Stamford, Conn., principal is determined to educate his students about its deadly consequences following several high-profile cases.

Dangers of the "The Choking Game"

(posted April 6, 2006)

The letter posted below was mailed home to parents of students in grades 4-12 urging them to talk with young people about a risky "choking game" that has potentially deadly consequences.

Letter to Parents regarding the dangers of the "choking game".

April 6, 2006

Dear Parents:

We need your help. Please talk to your child about a dangerous game played by young people which has

the potential for dire consequences. The Choking Game, (which is also known as the Fainting Game,

Knockout, Flatliner, Spacemonkey, Pass Out, etc.), is the result of thrill seeking or risk taking that involves

the blocking of oxygen to the brain by various means. We are posting warning signs below, but you are

encouraged to investigate this serious issue with the support of your family physician or health care provider.

More information is available through the following websites: -AND-

Parents should be aware of signs that indicate their child may be playing this dangerous game. Note that

with the exception of ligature marks on the neck, each of these signs should be taken in light of other signs

and related behaviors or symptoms. A single factor by itself may not warrant concern but if a combination of

signs is evident, concern is warranted.

Warning signs include but are not limited to:

Unexplained bruises or marks on necks

Any type of rope or chord tied oddly

Bloodshot eyes

Complaints of headaches

Locks on bedroom doors

Frequent, severe headaches

If you suspect your child is involved

in this activity:

Increase supervision, be very aware of

your childs whereabouts and activities

Educate your child about choking, which can

cause brain damage and death

Alert school personnel (principal, nurse,

counselor, teacher) if you have concerns

so they can better monitor your child at school

For more information, contact one of these community resources:

Fairbanks Community Behavioral Mental Health Center – 452-1575

Family Centered Services of Alaska – 474-0890

Fairbanks Counseling and Adoption – 456-4729

We are providing you this notice so that you are informed of issues that may affect your childs health. If you

have any further questions please contact me at 452-2000, ext. 253. Thank you for taking time to talk with

your child.


Maureen Kauleinamoku, RN, MSN

Nursing Services Coordinator


520 Fifth Avenue Fairbanks, Alaska 99701-4756 (907) 452-2000

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