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Schools and Police Who Are Informing
Physicians Perspectives on the Choking Game
U.S.A. and Canada Working to Stop The Choking Game!
Letter Written by Officer Scott Metheny
FRANCE: Association of Parents of Young Victims of Strangulation
Choking Game 'CINE Golden Eagle Award'
Faces of Victims: What if it was your child?
Victim Stats / Children
DoD: Department of Defense 'Safe Schools Handbook'
Homework Hotline : Parents Beware the Choking Game
Dr. Phil Show 'Deadly Teen Trends'
Deadly Game 'Geraldo at Large'
CNN: Mother missed signs of 'The Choking Game'
"Choking Game" Claims Life of One Californian Teenager
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The day this game killed my son
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Group E Mail for those of US who have lost a loved one to The Choking Game
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Choking Game
This program exposes “the choking game”…a shockingly foolish and deadly activity among 9-14 year olds that has resulted in the tragic deaths of childr...
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19 minutes
5 - 9


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s): As Superintendent of Spring-Ford Area School District, I am writing to tell you about a ...
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... that they weren't able to warn their child about the. Dangers of the "choking game" because they didn't know about it ... Hurda, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools ...
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Police and Schools

That Are Informing, Educating and WARNING

Schools warn about self-choking
... Schools warn about self-choking. Girl, 12, dies; some kids have cut off oxygen to get high ... The so-called choking game may have killed the McKnight Middle School seventh ...
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komo news | Renton Schools Warn Of 'Choking Game' After Student Dies
FEATURES. Renton Schools Warn Of 'Choking Game' After Student Dies. September 29, 2005. By Matt Markovich. Tools ... So what is the choking game? Here's what some kids are saying in Internet chat rooms about "the choking game ...
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NewsChannel 5 Network
... Police Warn Parents About Choking Game. Posted: 2/13/2006 11:43:00 PM ... Police plan to show the same presentation to parents at schools, churches and community groups ...
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... Schools warn of 'choking' By Melody Hanatani/ Staff Writer ... students recently participated in a potentially deadly "choking game," whose purpose is to achieve a drug-free high ...
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Between 400and 500 kids a year die from this      game…And that doesn’t count those that just have serious injuries and have to get tracheotomies, or they have strokes, or that have memory loss, that have other neurological impairments secondary to asphyxiation.”
Dr. Phil McGraw
















Poynter Online - Monday Edition: The Choking Game
... The kids called it the choking game, Space Monkey, Flat lining ...

9/29/2005 -- KOMO News -- Renton Schools Warn of "Choking Game"

After Girl Dies ...
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NKY.Com - 'Gasp' game can turn deadly for youths
... 'Gasp' game can turn deadly for youths. Educators warn children about

 choking technique that causes 'high ... 1 to Ohio schools and health

professionals, telling them about the game ...
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WOWT | Deadly Game
Featured Sections: Search ... Entertainment Home Jobs @ WOWT Lottery

 News Recipes Restaurants Schools Sports Station Info Weather ...

 Deadly Game. Parents warn others of deadly choking game. A Lawrence, Kansas ...
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KATU 2 - Portland, Oregon
8/30/2006. September 30, 2005. Renton schools warn of 'choking game' after

student dies. VIDEO. TOOLS. RENTON, Wash. - ... So what is the choking game?

 Here's what some kids are saying in Internet chat rooms about "the choking game ...
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Ferndale Public Schools
... The Choking Game - Serious, Dangerous, and most ... Tips on Ferndale

Schools Closing Procedures: When the Ferndale Schools close, the first calls ...
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 Tacoma Weekly - Because Community Matters
Tacoma Weekly Newspaper. Because Community Matters. Search. Features

. Information. Thu Aug 31 2006. CHOKING GAME: Experts warn parents about

 newest teen rush. by Jamie Forsythe ... associated with the "choking game,

" citizens and administrators at Tacoma Public Schools have taken notice ...
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Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas | | Local News
... are being warned about a dangerous "choking game" that could turn ...

their children to warn them of the potential danger and ... Stars/NHL Colleges

High Schools Golf Pro Soccer Youth ...
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ABC 7 News - School Warns Parents of 'Choking Game' After Teen's Death
... letters to parents about the "choking game." The Reverend Matt ... with them

and warn them of the dangers of ... to educate the schools, parents and children

about this deadly game ...

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KUOW: Program Archive
... in choking game,' The Seattle Times. 'Schools warn about self-choking,'

 The Seattle P-I. The Teen Choking Game. Children's Corner ...
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The Colebrook School District Web Site
GuppY : the easy and free web portal that requires no database to run ... behavior

 known as the "choking game", "space monkey" or ... compiling information

about the choking game are www ... to the choking game have stated,

 "I didn't know to warn my ...
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Seattle Public Schools | News
... 03/11/06 - Quakers reach title game. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer ...

 of city pie. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. 09/30/05 –

Schools warn about self-choking. The Seattle Post ...
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Appleton Post-Crescent: Your Fox Cities News Source - Exposing a deadly game
Local, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Business headlines, weather, opinion, births

and obituaries from the Post Crescent Newspaper. Featuring national and world news

 from USA TODAY & AP Wire. ... not for the faint of heart. Schools, police try to gauge

 scope of 'game' The Choking Game. Using ... could be employed for this purpose.

Warn your child about this activity ...
More pages from - Teammates, Mother Remember 'Choking Game' Victim
Teammates of a 12-year-old boy who died playing what's known as the "choking game

" Honored Adam Janssen Thursday evening. The "choking game" is when people

Cut off their air supply for a quick high. ... now goes to schools and

Police departments warning them about the game ... More Than Politics.

Vets Warn Dog Owners Of Poisonous ...
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Concord Monitor Online - Article - Concord, NH 03301
... All stories. High schools. Professional ... nationwide, said deaths from

the choking game often are ruled suicide ... media campaign to

warn of the choking game's dangers in the fall of ...

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Abington Police Department Community Awareness
... the schools, the danger of this activity as we do with the use. of drugs and alcohol.

 What is the Choking Game? The ... Warn your child about this ...
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File type:PDF - Download PDF Reader
... Coming .1. End the Choking Game .1 ... guides to the DoDEA.

Safe Schools Handbook (Chapter 3 ... Educators can save lives

by warn- ing students ...
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WMICentral - Blue Ridge explores ways to combat deadly 'Game'
... for schools to set up programs to inform children and parents, according

to the Stop-the-Choking-Game website ... and warn them about the dangers

 of a "game" that can ...
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Seattle Public Schools | News
... 03/11/06 - Quakers reach title game. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer ...

of city pie. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. 09/30/05 - Schools warn about

self-choking. The Seattle Post ...
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komo news | Auburn Student Warns Of 'Choking Game' Dangers
FEATURES. Auburn Student Warns Of 'Choking Game' Dangers. May 11,

 2006. By KOMO Staff. Tools ... choking game" -- a dangerous game that

 more and more kids are playing. Now, the student wants to warn parents

that this sort of thing is happening in schools ...
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Pahrump Valley Times - Nye County's Largest Newspaper Circulation
June 7, 2006. CHOKING GAME. Youths find new way to die.


YET. The choking game offers young people a new way to accidentally

kill themselves. ... cases in Nye County schools," said Kay Decker,

 assistant superintendent ... for this purpose, warn the youth about what can happen ...
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Portsmouth Herald Local News: Choking Game' killing teens
... caused by the Choking Game, Andrew said he attempted to launch]

 a media campaign to warn of the dangers, but ... Las Vegas Homes.

 Technology Schools Directory. Personal Injury Attorneys ...
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Couple warns about 'choking game' after death of their son | | Star-Banner | Ocala, Fla.
... as the "pass-out game" or "choking game," it gives ...

 motivated Bill Breen to warn other parents, teachers and ...

 spokesman for Marion County Public Schools. "It's gotten to the ...
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WREG-TV Memphis - Choking Game Death
... Knowledge Bowl. Tools for Schools. WREG Community Calendar ...

Police issue warnings after teen dies in choking game ...

while playing what's called "The Choking Game." It's a dangerous ...
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Middle Schoolers: Tragic Results From a Deadly Game - Newsweek Periscope -
... the Choking Game. Alarmed by the scores of children who have

died or become brain-damaged by this practice, schools ...

 in the town to warn them about ...
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Sasha Is Dead, but Why? - Los Angeles Times
"Mommy! … MOMMY!" ... they began ninth grade at separate

 high schools this fall ... professionals suggests that the choking

game appeals to disturbed ... Aren't our parents supposed to warn

us?" A father stood ...,0,7730...

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Houston Community Newspapers Online - News - Top News
... students, Courtney Kinney wants to warn parents and children of the

 deadly choking game that she says is a ... Back-to-school activities

are planned at all Humble ISD schools ...
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