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J'aimerai toujours et ā jamais mon fils GABRIEL
Schools and Police Who Are Informing
Physicians Perspectives on the Choking Game
U.S.A. and Canada Working to Stop The Choking Game!
Letter Written by Officer Scott Metheny
FRANCE: Association of Parents of Young Victims of Strangulation
Choking Game 'CINE Golden Eagle Award'
Faces of Victims: What if it was your child?
Victim Stats / Children
DoD: Department of Defense 'Safe Schools Handbook'
Homework Hotline : Parents Beware the Choking Game
Dr. Phil Show 'Deadly Teen Trends'
Deadly Game 'Geraldo at Large'
CNN: Mother missed signs of 'The Choking Game'
"Choking Game" Claims Life of One Californian Teenager
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The day this game killed my son
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Injury Prevention 'IP' Online: Injuries among children and adolescents are often the result of thril
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Group E Mail for those of US who have lost a loved one to The Choking Game
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Website created May 2005

Choking Game Information
My son, Gabriel Harry Mordecai died on 5-6-05 as the result of playing a game kids play to pass out. Gabe accidentally strangled himself. Many adolescents partake in this 'thrill seeking' behavior and many die. Another form of this 'game' is AeA, auto erotic asphyxia. There are many who believe that 'The Choking Game' is a stepping stone to practicing AeA. The bottom line? Those who have died as a result of engaging in this 'activity' had something wrapped around their neck which caused their death! All of them!

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"If memories could build a stairway and tears a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again"

Gabriel Harry Mordecai
Almost 14 years old, taken two weeks before Gabriel died.

Samuel, Drew, CCC School and a Tree For You
Childrens Community Charter School in Paradise, Ca. Planted a tree in your memory Sam goes 1st

Gabriel 12 years old
God Bless my precious Gabey Baby

Happy Birthday! You Are Still My Twins!
Samuel and Gabriel almost 14 years old

Slide show: Story of a life Thank you George for this gift...

Gabriel's Autobiography 2005

Pictures of Gabriel and Us

Gabriel's Obituary

Chelsea Lynn Dunn 04-21-1999 ~ 04-15-2005
Chelsea was found by her twin brother Hunter; Gabriel was found by his twin brother, Samuel.

Thanksgiving 2005
We miss you so much..

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Jason Isaac Linkins 02-18-1985 ~ 04-23-1999
Jason was 14 years old when he died played the 'Choking Game'

Nicholas Andres' Serna 10-07-1988~01-27-2005
The 'Nickster' died as a result of playing 'The Choking Game'

Jesse Grant:

Jesse Grant
To contact Jesse's mom Sharron:

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Gabriel Harry Mordecai
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Dalton Eby 10 years old
You are in ALL of our hearts!

'Her son Samuel, Gabriel's twin brother, backed her up on that during an interview on Monday.
Saying he had probably done the same thing that killed Gabriel about five times, Samuel said intentionally blacking out brought him to a place with "
weird dreams."
"It's like a dream world, kind of, and then you wake up
Samuel said.'
Samuel said although he had tried making himself pass out a number of times after an out-of-town kid had told him and his brother "it's really neat," he stopped after his mom and dad found out.
  Newspaper article quoting my son Samuel, Gabriel's twin

  Link to article >  Blacking out: 'It's like a dream world'


Blacking out: Choking: Passout: Fainting: Spacemonkey:

The above titles are the names of a game that's becoming popular among some junior and senior high school students. It involves one person hyperventilating then holding the breath while another person bear hugs them from behind. This hug and breath holding enhances an effect called Valsalva Maneuver (VM). VM is the technique that wieghtlifters instinctivly employ when lifting heavy weights. They hold their breath and squeeze their abdominal muscles as they lift. The net effect of VM is an increase in intrathoracic pressure (inside the chest cavity) which creates high pressure on the great veins (superior and inferior vena cava). This high pressure on the great veins reduces blood return to the heart which in turn, reduces blood output from the heart. When blood output to the brain is reduced, brain oxygen is reduced (cerebral hypoxia) and the person faints or passes out.

Are these games dangerous?

It can be. Repeated bouts of cerebral hypoxia has the potential to cause brain damage. For individuals with heart disease or certain vascular diseases Valsalva Maneuver can cause heart attack, stroke, or other cardio vascular damage.

Most of the time as soon as the person faints they return to normal breathing and recover in a few minutes. Headaches may follow.

Are these games autoerotic asphyxia?

Only if it is combined with masturbation--that's the auto (self) erotic (sex) part.


Warning Signs for Parents and Teachers

Parents and teachers should be made aware of warning signs that their child may be playing these "games". Note that with the exception of ligature marks on the neck, each of these signs should be taken in light of other signs and related behaviors or symptoms. A single factor by itself may not warrant concern but if a combination of signs is evident, concern is warranted. Warning signs include but are not limited to:

- unexplained marks on necks

- short ropes, padded ropes, neckties tied in odd knots

- bloodshot eyes

- complaints of headaches

- locks on bedroom doors

Older children may have signs of AEA (Autoerotic asphyphixiation; generally not associated with younger adolescents) which would include the above signs and often, but not always, women's clothing and/or pornography in closet or under bed may be found.

Evidence of repetitive hanging such as unexplained marks on the neck or broken or multiple rope abrasion on closet rods from repeated hangings are likely the best and most silent indicators of behavior for parents and teachers to be aware of.

Gabriel Harry Mordecai
Gabriel Harry Mordecai of Paradise, Ca, entered into eternal rest on May 6, 2005, surrounded by his loving father, mother, grandmother, brothers, sister, numerous family members and friends. Born on July 31, 1991 in Quincy, Gabriel lived in Paradise for 10 years and attended Paradise Elementary School, Evergreen Academy, and Paradise Intermediate School, where he would have graduated eighth grade this June. Gabriel was and will always be a precious gift who blessed us. Gabriel was unique in so many ways. He was loyal to his family without fail; he showed empathy beyond his years to those less fortunate than himself, and he was a very forgiving young man. Gabriel's passions were the outdoors, camping, skiing with his father and brother, target shooting, hunting, archery, aircraft, reptiles, especially his ball python 'Monty' otherwise known as 'Julius Squeezer' and the family dog 'Ezra. Gabriel always looked forward to his visits with his father and grandmother every two weeks and the adventures they provided for him. Gabe was an excellent student, who worked hard to achieve the goals he set for himself, especially a high GPA so he would do well in high school and go on to a good university.
Gabriel is survived by his father, Blair Mordecai of Berkeley, Ca, mother, Sarah Pacatte and twin brother, Samuel Mordecai, both of Paradise, brother Gregory Mordecai, of Boulder, Co., brother Arthur Golden III, of Chico, sister Elizabeth Golden of Long Beach, grandmother, Adrienne Mordecai of Berkeley.
Gabriel had many, many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends that he loved and who loved him. (m. e. o.) Gabriel brought such life, joy and awe to our family, always curious, adventurous, and fearless. We thank you God for blessing us with such a precious gift. Gabe, we will miss you, and cherish you, until the end of days....
""It is no slight thing when those, so fresh from God, love us"".
Visitation Thursday, May 12, Chapel of the Pines 12 noon 6:00 pm; prayers and rosary at 4:00 pm; funeral Mass at 7:00 pm, St. Thomas More Catholic Church. Memorials in memory of Gabriel Mordecai may be made to Calvary Church, Magalia, youth program or St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Paradise, youth program.

Published in the Paradise Post from 5/10/2005 - 5/12/2005.

Another child died the 'same' way and same week that Gabriel died at the same hopital in No. Sacramento, Ca.! 

This is leading to a point ....

As you probably well know, almost all of the 'web' info involving adolescent hanging/self strangulation/breath control/self asphyxiation/thrill asphyxiation associates the behavior with AAE.

THERE ARE MANY MANY ADOLESCENTS DYING FROM adolescent hanging/self strangulation/breath control/self asphyxiation/thrill asphyxiation WITHOUT auto erotic asphyxiation CONNOTATIONS! The results of BOTH behaviors are however, the same! Kids are doing this 'game' and it leads to DEATH too many times.

 No one hears of these 'ACCIDENTAL' adolescent deaths caused by playing the 'game'.. (taken to different levels..) Ignorance is not bliss.

Still loving my four kids,





You can e-mail me at:
Have any of you lost or known someone who has lost a child to this 'game'?
I would like to hear about it. The more known cases of this type of 'death' will be hard to ignore, and perhaps then the media, schools, health care professionals, law enforcement and OUR social government agencies will start to take this type of 'adolescent' accidental death serious: Perhaps they won't be so eager to dismiss or associate this accidental asphixiation death of adolescents to auto erotic asphixia, aka AEA behavior. Please help to keep this issue up front. Without awareness parents will continue to lose their children and once again it will be swept under the carpet. My son showed 3 out of the 5 warning signs. I wish I had known them, as I had just told him "either your smoking pot or something is seriously wrong, and the next time I see your eyes that red, I'm taking you to get a drug test". He grinned and said "go ahead". Gabe knew there would not be drugs in his system. Please read the newspaper article link on this page .  Sarah


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